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4 Evaluation Methods1 Tool To Quickly Understand Management Capital Allocation Skills5 Simple, actionable evaluation methods you can use immediately to make profitable investment decisions.This free email course gives you everything you need to:• Evaluate stocks easily
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My name is Kyle, and I have read 100's of books on investing, studied the evaluation techniques of the greats, and use them successfully on my long-term goal of 15% returns. And now, I want to share everything I know with you.

"Kyle has simplified evaluation so even someone allergic to math like me can properly evaluate a public or private business."

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Day 1: An Introduction To Evaluation De-Mystifed (EDM)Day 2: Earnings Growth With MOSDay 3 Equity/Bond EvaluationDay 4 Thinking Of Free Cash Flow From A Private Business AngleDay 5: Buffett's Owner's EarningsDay 6:. Rule Of OneDay 7: EDM Wrap-up